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How to Make a Simple Drawstring Pouch – Step by Step


I love drawstring pouches. You can put anything in them and not to mention, they’re oh so cute.

I found a couple of cheap old jewellery drawstring pouches the other day and decided to try and make my own take on them. I thought it would be super cool to make one large enough to fit my phone inside. That way, I could use it as a little phone case. So, off I went to the sewing machine and that’s where the magic began. Being a total beginner at sewing, I was surprised at how easy it was for me to make!

I love how you can choose different kinds of fabric and completely personalise them to your own preference. I used two fabrics: floral for the front and black at the back.

I’m going to add the dimensions I used in the steps below, but remember, you can totally use your own and make the pouch bigger or smaller. Also, if you don’t have a sewing machine, hand sewing or a hot glue gun should work just a well.

What you’ll need:


  1. Use scissors to cut the two fabric pieces to the dimensions: 15cm x 20cm

2. Fold the top of the fabric 2.5cm down. Then, draw a straight line from left to right, in the middle of the fold you made. Add pins. Do the same for both fabrics.

3. On each fabric, sew over the line you just drew, removing the pins as you go.

4. Next, put the two fabrics together, the good sides facing each other. Now, sew over the areas in red that I’ve marked in the image below. Cut off excess thread.

5. Turn the pouch inside out. (You’re almost done!)

6. It’s time to add the ribbon and here’s a handy trick to get it in: grab your paperclip and open it up. Then, tie a single knot on one end of the ribbon to the top of the paperclip.

7. Using the paperclip as a guide, thread the ribbon into the small passage you’ve made at the top of the pouch. Bring it all around the circumference of the pouch then pull it back out the other end.

8. Tie the two ends of ribbon together and cut off any excess. Tighten the new drawstring bag you’ve just made!

Now that you know how to make a drawstring pouch, go ahead and make more in a variety of patterns and sizes, and fill them with all your little treasures! Impress your friends with your amazing sewing skills. 😀

With love,

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