5 Minutes to Make: A Ribbon Bookmark

5 Minutes to Make a Ribbon Bookmark - By Miss Caly

I love to read. My bedroom shelf is a jungle of novels, all piled one on top of the other, just waiting to be read. Call me a book-hoarder, enthusiastic collector or whatever. I love books. But despite this obsession, it never really occurred to me that I didn’t have a proper book mark until now. Before, all I’ve been using to mark my pages is leftover paper scraps, polaroid pictures and anything else that worked, really. Quite sad, isn’t it?


Well, sad it is, no more! Because today’s DIY is a shoutout to all you book lovers out there, in need of a real page marker. Today’s project is extra special because it only takes 5 minutes to make. (And not to mention, it looks quite classy, too.)


Let’s get right into it, shall we?

All you need:

  • A piece of ribbon, 70cm long
  • A charm
  • 3 beads (make sure their holes are large enough to fit the ribbon)
  • A lighter or craft glue


5 Minutes to Make a Classy Ribbon Bookmark - By Miss Caly

  1. To keep the ends of the ribbon from fraying, light them with a lighter, or dip them in a bit of craft glue.
  2. Thread your charm through to the middle of the ribbon then fold the ribbon in half.
  3. Now, thread the two ends of ribbon into the single holes of the beads.
  4. To secure the beads in place, tie a knot above the top bead.


And there it was, the bookmark that changed my life.

I hope you had fun with this DIY! Do let me know how you go if you decide to try it out – I’d love to see.

With love,

Miss Caly Sign Out

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16 thoughts on “5 Minutes to Make: A Ribbon Bookmark

  1. Oooooo I’m going to do this! I’m not sure I totally understand how to keep the beads from falling off the end that is open but I’ll figure it out. I’ll show you what they look like when I get around to making them! 🙂


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