7 Days of Lists Challenge: Day 1!

Take this fun 7 day challenge to write lists, lists and lists! - Miss Caly

Hey there!

Let’s talk lists.

Lists are one of my strange life-long obsessions, whether they’d be to-do lists, shopping lists, things-I-want lists, restaurants-I-love lists…the list goes on (no pun intended). Whatever they’re for, lists in general are my thing. They make me feel a sense of organisation in my life and simply the fact of writing things down helps me relax. We all have different ways of feeling calm…lists are mine.


Today I’m so hyped to announce a new series I’ll be posting on my blog this week! And yep, you guessed it, it’ll definitely include lots and lots of lists – one hundred and forty of them, to be exact. Are you excited yet? Yes? No? Read on to hear more…


Here’s how it works:

In this week’s 7-Days-of-Lists series, I’ll be posting a prompt each day for you to answer. I’ll also be answering them too so we can go on this little challenge together. These prompts will require simple straight forward answers, but the catch is, you must write twenty (or more if you wish!).

All you need for this challenge is a simple notebook and pen, as well as some downtime to really think about your answers. The purpose of this exercise is just to relax and really reflect on what you write. In a way, these lists can be a kind of personal journal, but in a more simple straightforward way.

Note: be as creative as you can in these lists and set them out however you like! Doodle all over the page, make little sketches, write in crazy block writing, make arrows everywhere… it’s completely up to you. This is your personal thing. Make it unique!


Let’s begin with DAY #1:

List 1 - things that make me happy

A-ha! What really makes me happy? It seems like such a basic question but when it comes to answering it, it’s so hard to think of what to say… hmm…


Now it’s your turn!

What makes you happy? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for joining the first day of this week’s 7-Days-of-Lists challenge. Don’t forget to share this with your friends so we can get list-writing together!

Check out the other lists in this series here:

Stay creative,

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20 thoughts on “7 Days of Lists Challenge: Day 1!

  1. I love your idea! I was searching on what to write myself but I forgot on the little things in life. 🙂
    Can I use your list ideas? will sure be mentioning you there 😀


  2. Pingback: Miss Caly
  3. ok so twenty things that make me happy..
    -my children
    -my husband
    -going on holiday
    -getting in our home after coming back from holiday
    -eating A LOT!
    -dancing to my favourite songs
    -seeing my friends
    -my blog, although i don’t rite as much as i would like
    -other peoples blog, love exploring other blogs they are all interesting
    -pinterest . oh the things i find there
    -instagram . oh the images i find there too
    -running . sometimes .. haha
    -silence.. sometimes..
    -a tidy home 🙂
    -personalised presents and crafts 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Great list! I can definitely relate to most of these too, especially eating and personalised presents! I’m excited to hear what you’ve got for today’s new prompt 🙂


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