How to Draw a Hair Braid – Step by Step

A step by step tutorial on how to draw a hair braid

Hey there all you creative people (meaning you… YOU!)

Woopeee, I’m so excited for today’s post! It’s been a while since I made a drawing tutorial and thought today was the day to do it. You guys seemed to like the last one I did (how to draw Rapunzel’s eyes) and I sure hope you like this one too.  Continue reading


How to: floral doodling!

floral doodline

Doodling is such a fun thing to do. Sometimes when I’m bored or when I’m procrastinating, I’ll just bring out my pen and mindlessly scribble away. For me, doodling is so much more free than regular drawing and I especially love it because it only requires is a pen and paper, nothing else.

Today I’ve decided to give you a little peek on how I doodle and hopefully you can give it a go yourself! I’m pretty confident using a pen straight onto paper, but if you prefer pencil, go for it.

Let’s begin!

(I didn’t initially plan out how the design would turn out, so this doodle was very random and freehand…:D)

  1. First, I started off with a little circle in the middle of the page then added some petals around it to form a flower.
  2. After that, I drew a hexagon around the flower, as well as more hexagons around it in a tessellating pattern.
  3. I then drew in some more flowers and other leaf doodles to fill in my first hexagon.
  4. In the hexagons surrounding my first one, I simply drew similar flower designs which were slightly different to each other. I did this until I filled up most of my hexagons!

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How to Draw Rapunzel’s Eyes! – Step by Step Tutorial

Who here is a fan of Disney? 

*frantically waves hand high in the air* Meeeeee!


I absolutely adore Disney movies and characters, not just because of the intriguing plots, princes, princess and villains, but also because the sceneries and the characters are just so beautiful. Disney characters are one of my favourite things to draw, especially the girls from Frozen and Tangled. Their eyes are just so big and hair is so silky!

I love, love, love the colour of Rapunzel’s eyes and I knew that I just had to draw them for today’s post. I feel like I could just get lost staring into those shiny bright emerald-green eyes…

Anyway, today I’m sharing with you a neat little tutorial on how to draw Rapunzel’s eyes! It took me around an hour, but that was mainly because I had to keep stopping and taking photos. Other than that, it was really fun to draw. Hopefully you’ll find this helpful. Continue reading

Using Watercolour! – 6 things I’ve learnt

Hello there!

It’s been a while since I’ve made an Art post and I was feeling a little creative this weekend. Soo, I decided to pick up some brushes and my old watercolour paints and see what could happen from there!

If you’ve seen my previous art posts, you might have noticed I’m a big fan of drawing and doodling. However, when it comes to watercolour, I’m still quite a novice. I’ve only used it a couple of times in my life but I think I’m beginning to get the hang of it. I’ve seen so many beautiful watercolour art all over Pinterest and Instagram, and I they have all inspired me to get practicing.

watercolour painting collage

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