DIY ‘Emoji’ Pin Using a Bottle Cap

Make a cute emoji pin out of a bottle cap! - Miss CalyHey there!

You know two things I’m loving? #1: Emojis and #2: pins. What’s even better? Emoji pins. Continue reading


5 Minute Life Hack: DIY Earring Organiser!

Life Hack! Organise your earrings in 5 minutes with this easy DIY! - Miss Caly

If you have your ears pieced, I’m betting you experience the same dramas as me every morning: I call it the ‘I can’t find my second pair’ struggle. As a lover of small and shiny things, I own quite a lot of earrings and it’s so hard to keep them organised, especially when they’re just…everywhere. Continue reading

How to Make a Phone Stand Using a Ring Box #LifeHackin5Mins

Life hack! Make a DIY phone stand in under 5 minutes using a ring box - Miss Caly

Ever wanted to watch a movie on your phone whilst doing boring homework? Well now you can! (Not that I recommend it…you get totally distracted!)

Today’s life hack was something I came up with by accident. I really wanted to watch some YouTube videos on my phone while I was waiting for my blog photos to load but I hated the thought of having my phone faced up on the table because I couldn’t really enjoy the video properly. In that moment, (conveniently) there happened to be a ring box on my table. I opened it and laid my phone on it. WOAH. *dramatic music* *crowd cheer* *bows* Continue reading

EASY DIY Nail-Art Dotting Tool Using a Pen and Bobby Pin

Make a nail dotting tool out of a pen and bobby pin! - Miss Caly

This month, I’m trying something new!

Lately I’ve been getting into body art. I love how you can turn anything into something else by a simple flick of a brush and some paint. I was recently on a Pinterest rampage and was so inspired by the intricacy of eyeshadow art (where artists created beautiful masterpieces using eyelids as canvases) and also nail art, where such fine detail could be painted on ten fingertips. One day I want to be able to do just that. Ah, such goals!

You can probably tell my excitement to share with you today’s DIY. Continue reading

How to Make a Pen out of Lip Balm!

Video Tutorial on How to make a pen out of lip balm! - Miss Caly


It’s f-f-f-finally Friday! You know what that means? No school for another two days! Also, it’s time for another DIY. Today’s idea is a little bit different to the ones I usually do. I tried to be creative and ‘think-outside-the-box’ and came up with something I hope you’ll enjoy.

I never know what to do with my empty cosmetic bottles and containers once they’re all used up. My rational mind always tells me to “just throw them out!” but then the other side of my brain (the hoarding-stingy-let’s-pretend-to-be-creative side) urges me to “keep them in case they ever become useful”. Judging by my craft drawer filled with piles and piles of junk, you could probably tell which side I listen to more.

However! For this DIY, I am super glad I kept one of my old lip balms because it certainly came in handy. Today I’m going to show you how to make a secret pen using an old lip balm tube… and did I mention DIY clay? Continue reading

DIY Diary/Notebook Lock Under 5 Minutes! – Video Tutorial


Okay, okay, I know this post is probably long overdue but I’m excited to share it with you nevertheless.

So remember when I posted my first DIY project ever on this blog about “How to Make a Super Easy Diary Lock“? Well, I realised that the way I explained it might not have been very clear and the pictures were hard to see – so maybe it didn’t seem so ‘super easy’ after all…  I’ve had a few requests on making an updated version for this tutorial and I’ve finally had the chance to do one. (Yes, I do listen to your suggestions and love to hear them!)

Hence, here it is. Tutorial 2.0 on how to DIY a diary/notebook lock in under 5 minutes.  Continue reading

DIY Happy Stress Balls! – 15 Minutes-to-Make

It only takes 15 minutes to make these cute stress balls! Ahh, they feel so good!

Hey friends!

I know, I know it’s been a while since I posted a DIY… and while I could sit here for a few minutes and come up with excuses as to why I’ve been so absent, I might as well tell you the truth. I’ve gotten lazy. Creative block, burnout, slump…whatever you call it, that’s what I’ve been going through. But no fear! It’s all good! Things like that will always happen in life – there are times when you’ll just feel uninspired and idea-less, but then you just pick yourself up and DIY yourself out of the problem.

Today, while I do have a DIY to share, first I also want to get a little more personal with you and talk about a very important topic: stress. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from being a student, it’s that stress is not okay. Reality is that there’s always going to be something to do, whether it’d be homework, revision, studying, practising an instrument, playing sport, preparing for a meeting, finding time to watch your favouite tv show… There’s simply never not going to be anything to do, because if there is, then you wouldn’t have a purpose, am I right? What I’m trying to say is that it’s fine – good, in fact – to have lots of things to do because that’s what gets us going in life. It all just comes down to how well we handle them. Continue reading