FUN Free Printable To Do List: Save the Man’s Life!

Free printable to do list helicopter! Miss Caly

Let’s face it: to-do lists aren’t for everybody.

I personally love love love to write lists. I like to write everything that I’m thinking down on paper so it’s not all crammed up inside my head, just waiting to explode. But that’s just me.

Recently I’ve noticed that some people don’t like to write things down like I do. One of my friends even told me that it’s “too much effort” and “really boring” to write repetitive lists over and over…

And then I had a light bulb moment.

Today I stand here loud and clear, declaring to you all that lists. don’t. have. to. be. boring! Still don’t believe me? Download this free printable!

I designed today’s printable to make To-Do lists more fun and interesting. I even made it in two colours: peach and blue. Hopefully this will get you motivated to be productive. Yes, it’s true that writing things down and crossing them off can be quite tedious, so here’s a solution to solve that! Basically, the aim of this list isn’t just to get organised…more importantly, it is to SAVE THE MAN!  Continue reading


The Best Study Tips and Tricks (According to Miss Caly)

My favourite tips and tricks for studying to get you through the year! - Miss Caly

Hello, hello, hello!

Being a student for twelve years, I know first hand that studying can be a difficult, boring, tedious, (*insert all the negative adjectives that exist*) thing to do. The mere thought of it makes me sleepy for some reason. Maybe it’s because I used to try and cram it all in late at night. Or because it’s just so draining…so draining in fact, that I always kept putting it off until the very last minute. I’m sure I’m not the only one guilty of frantic note-taking, hardcore highlighting and staying up past midnight the night before an exam.  Continue reading

6 Easy DIY Planner Hacks!

6 easy DIY planner hacks you need to know! - Miss Caly

I may not be the most productive person in the world, but I sure do have a thing for planners. (If you haven’t already noticed from my abundance of ‘planning’ posts, I love to write and organise things!) Especially since it’s the beginning of the year, I’ve been super hard at work getting things together, scribbling to-do’s and dates into my little diary of mine. I also loooovee to customise everything I own because it makes them more personal to me. Basically, this post is a combination of all of the above.  Continue reading

Free Printable School Study Planner & Organiser

Free Printable School Month Planner Organiser - Miss Caly

Hey friends,

Getting organised for school can be a difficult and tedious task. I mean, let’s get real; remembering all those assignments, upcoming exams, events, and homework is not easy when they end up being crammed up inside the limitless depths of the working brain. I’m almost certain that even the most intelligent person in the would couldn’t remember every detail of their lives based on pure memory . Sometimes you just have to write things down for them to really sink in.

Hopefully this School-Study-Planner-Organiser will help with just that!

Continue reading

Easy DIY “Polaroid” School Book Labels

Quick and Easy DIY School Book Labels - Miss Caly

Despite today being my second day of school, I’m still in holiday mode! There’s still so much to do – study books to cover, folders to organise… I like my things all neat and ordered, so being prepared for school is a big task for me.

Today I began by making my very own book labels (because I thought my store bought ones were plain and boring). I know this post is long overdue and many of you probably have your school books already beautifully covered and labelled, but I still thought I’d share it with you, just because.  Continue reading

School Stationery Supplies Haul!


Hey friends,

I have to say that by far my most favourite part of venturing back into the school-life is hunting for books and grabbing a brand new supply of stationery. It’s just the feeling of change and freshness that makes me feel renewed and motivated for the upcoming academic year. Anyone else feel?

The other day I took what was meant to be a “quick trip” down to the shopping centre to buy some new exercise books… but the numerous bags I walked out with told a whole new story. I’m the kind of person who likes to be prepared for things, and boy do I feel prepared for school with all my new purchases!

Today I thought I might share with you a little HAUL of some of my new things. (I don’t have to be excited to go back to school, but at least I can get super hyped over new stationery!) Continue reading

The Struggles of Choosing a Diary

This afternoon consisted of me carefully ripping paper, rummaging through craft drawers, sticking lots of tape here and there, and accidentally cutting myself with scissors. Yep, I’m up to some DIY-ing again, because what’s a better way to spend the holidays? Today’s project is a little different to the usual ones I do, because it took a lot more effort, and is a little bit more personal to me. The other day I bought myself a 2016 diary, and my stubborn creative self (being a wannabe craft guru and all) decided I should make my own cover for it.


Here’s the story of how it all began: Continue reading