DIY ‘Emoji’ Pin Using a Bottle Cap

Make a cute emoji pin out of a bottle cap! - Miss CalyHey there!

You know two things I’m loving? #1: Emojis and #2: pins. What’s even better? Emoji pins. Continue reading


Free Printable Easter Cards -Mr Rabbit and Chick

Free Printable Easter Cards! Rabbit and Chick Friends - Designed by Miss Caly

Hey friends,

Happy March!

I swear the year only just began, and now we’re already heading into the new season. It’s now officially Autumn, but this hot weather is making me very nostalgic over the good old Summer days…

Anyway, enough talk about the weather. Easter has come so soon this year, don’t you think? Although I’m not one to have massive celebrations over Easter, I always adore the vibrant festive mood in the air when it comes to the holiday. I love how the supermarket stores fill their shelves with chocolate eggs and how I seem to find more posters of rabbits than I can count. Holidays in general make me very happy, and I usually like to do things to really get into the spirit.

Today, I’ve designed three Easter cards for you to download and spread the joy to your loved ones! These cards feature two of the newest guys I put together on Photoshop: Mr Rabbit and Happy Chick. Continue reading

Christmas Printables: Reindeer Envelope and Card

Free Christmas Printables - Reindeer Envelope and Card!

Only one month and a few days to go until Christmas and time is just flying by so quickly! I’m really feeling the holiday spirit in today’s 43°C heat.

Today I have a special little treat in store for you and your friends. This cute mini Reindeer Envelope and Card is perfect for spreading the love this Christmas and also saves you time and effort from purchasing cards. Maybe it’s just me, but laziness has really shone out these days… Continue reading

Free Printable Lucky Star Designs

printableEver since I learnt how to make origami lucky stars, I’ve been obsessed. The other day I found two whole jars full of them stashed away in my drawer, along with lots and lots of long strips of paper, just waiting to be folded. I think my origami obsession was another crazy phase at some point in my life (those who know me are very well aware of my many crazy phases!)

Anyway, today I’ve decided to get back into making origami stars by designing some printable coloured strips and also making a little tutorial. They’re oh-so easy to make and only require two things: scissors and paper.

p.s. Who loves the pastel colours I chose?!

Materials needed:


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Cute Animal Printables + Make Your Own Bookmark!

Cute animal printables and bookmark

I’ve been super hyped over these printables I’ve been working on and I finally get to show them to you! One thing to know about me is that I’m a total lover of small and cute things, so today’s freebie is basically the epitome of my life.


Whether you’re a fanatic when it comes to reading or you’re studying from a school text book, a book mark always comes in handy. As a person who enjoys collecting books, I’m constantly in demand of something to mark my pages. The solution? I designed these cute little animals to make my own bookmark!


This free printable comes with 2 sets of 3 animals: an adorable pig, bear and panda. If you like the designs, I’ve also thrown in a page that you can print out, put in a frame and use as wall art.

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