My Favourite Art Essentials: Because It’s School Holidays!

My Favourite Art Supplies! - Miss Caly

The school holidays began last week and so comes the time to finally have a nice long break from those hours of sitting behind wooden desks, staring blankly at a white board. Yayyyyyy!….. yay…? Now half the holidays have passed and I’m still sitting behind my wooden desk, not doing anything grand. Seriously, where has the time gone?!

Well, I guess my time has gone into doing several things. First of all, I’ve been watching Masterchef and binge watching Game of Thrones (in which my only regret is not watching it sooner). Apart from that, I’ve also been making DIY phone cases (see these on my Instagram!), eating lots, doodling like crazy and occasionally stepping foot out into the vast terrains of my backyard to experience some vitamin D.  Continue reading


Inside my Sketchbook!


Inside my Sketchbook - Miss Caly

My mini sketchbook is something I like to keep with me wherever I go. It’s particularly perfect for those boring car rides or simply  just for doodling whenever I feel like it. I got my sketchbook back when I went to Japan and ever since, it’s become my best friend. #sketchbooklove!


You may have already had a peek at my sketches on Instagram, but today I thought I might share little tour with you of what I’ve done so far. I love drawing in pen because it’s so free and unrestricted. Sometimes I use my sketchbook for practising drawing techniques or following tutorials on how to draw certain things. Other times, I simply love to create random patterns until they form something weird and wonderful. Continue reading

Doodling, Just Because…


I like to draw

on paper, on worksheets, on napkins – anything, really.

I’ve noticed that people like to express themselves in different ways, whether it’d be writing a poem, a story, dancing, making a speech or simply or ranting to other people. There are endless ways in showing our feelings and getting them out there into the world so that they are no longer caged inside us. Well, I like to draw.  Continue reading

Christmas Doodling: Evening Therapy


Today’s evening was spent mindlessly doodling along to soft soothing tunes and the sound of the cricket in the backyard that just won’t hush. (Yep, it’s cricket season again.)


Doodling has always been something I loved. If you’ve been following my instagram for a while, you might have noticed I like to draw random patterns and shapes for fun. We all have different ways of rewinding and relaxing, and mine so happens to be therapeutic art-making.  Continue reading

Printable Workspace Decorations: Doodle Friends

Cute Printable Doodle Friends! They are here to brighten your day and are great for decorating your workspace

Workspaces can get pretty boring when it’s just filled with exercise books, noes and mounds and mounds of to do-lists…Am I right? Well today I’ve come up with a solution! Add a little fun and love to your desk by printing out these cute little ‘friends’ that I designed.


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How to: floral doodling!

floral doodline

Doodling is such a fun thing to do. Sometimes when I’m bored or when I’m procrastinating, I’ll just bring out my pen and mindlessly scribble away. For me, doodling is so much more free than regular drawing and I especially love it because it only requires is a pen and paper, nothing else.

Today I’ve decided to give you a little peek on how I doodle and hopefully you can give it a go yourself! I’m pretty confident using a pen straight onto paper, but if you prefer pencil, go for it.

Let’s begin!

(I didn’t initially plan out how the design would turn out, so this doodle was very random and freehand…:D)

  1. First, I started off with a little circle in the middle of the page then added some petals around it to form a flower.
  2. After that, I drew a hexagon around the flower, as well as more hexagons around it in a tessellating pattern.
  3. I then drew in some more flowers and other leaf doodles to fill in my first hexagon.
  4. In the hexagons surrounding my first one, I simply drew similar flower designs which were slightly different to each other. I did this until I filled up most of my hexagons!

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