Printable Sept/Oct/Nov/Dec Calendar 2016 (Updated)


Yes, Miss Caly has not disappeared from the face of the earth! Ah yes, I’m very late on this one, but better late than never, right? It’s been a while since I last talked to you. In fact, around a month. Wow, time really has flown by.

So what have my recent months been consisting of? To start off, exams, homework and life in general. I’ve also been super busy organising my school formal, which is coming up very soon. Event planning is fun. But a lot more complicated than I thought… (although I did make some cute decorations and other fun DIYs which I’d love to show you real soon!) Yep, busy, busy, busy! As you know, amidst this chaos of things to do, I totally forgot to post my September Calendar printable. (Please forgive me!) To make up for it, today’s post consists of calendars for September, October, November AND December.

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Printable August Calendar 2016!

Free Printable Hand Lettered August Calendar 2016! - Miss Caly

I know what you’re going to say… and I’m sorry!

To answer your question as to why I seemed to have disappeared from the face of the Earth for the past weeks, I’m going to throw you a couple of words: School. School Formal. Homework. Exams. Winter laziness. Procrastination. Sleep. No sleep. This is basically the epitome of my recent days, and in basic terms, the reason why I’ve had such a lack of inspiration and quality ideas to post… Continue reading

Free Printable Weekly Habits Tracker!

free printable weekly habits tracker! - Miss Caly

Habits. What are your habits? Do you bite your nails, chew your lip or tend to fiddle with your hands when you’re nervous? By definition, a habit is a “settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.” Sometimes habits can get annoying, especially when they’re hard to control. BUT, I think if practiced in a positive way, good habits can really improve your life.

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Printable July Calendar 2016 + What It’s Like to Spend Time Offline

Free Printable Hand Lettered July Calendar 2016! - Miss Caly

Hello again!

Yet another month has gone by without me realising… And you know what it’s time for? *drumroll please!* … the new printable July calendar!But before we get into that, I want to take a moment to talk about this past week.

As you might be aware from my last post, this week I’ve been taking a break from social media Continue reading

Free Minimal Phone Wallpaper: “Put the Phone Down!”

free downloadale minimal wallpaper - 'put the phone down!' By Miss Caly

I have a confession:

I use my phone wayyyy too much. 

One minute I’m checking the whether, the next, my finger mindlessly finds the Instagram app…and then Pinterest, then my emails and then Twitter…And I forget what I’m supposed to be doing in the first place. It it just me, or does anyone else have absolutely no reason to be using their phones most of the time, an yet it manages to turn up everywhere they go?

I’m not going to lie, I love using my phone. I love connecting with you guys and I love being inspired by all the creative wonders that the internet brings. But I just think sometimes I could be spending my time doing better things… more productive things.

Today I made myself a wallpaper. It goes like this: “put the phone down”. While the act sounds really simple, it seems that my hand is so used to constantly reaching for my phone that I don’t even realise I do it. Continue reading

FUN Free Printable To Do List: Save the Man’s Life!

Free printable to do list helicopter! Miss Caly

Let’s face it: to-do lists aren’t for everybody.

I personally love love love to write lists. I like to write everything that I’m thinking down on paper so it’s not all crammed up inside my head, just waiting to explode. But that’s just me.

Recently I’ve noticed that some people don’t like to write things down like I do. One of my friends even told me that it’s “too much effort” and “really boring” to write repetitive lists over and over…

And then I had a light bulb moment.

Today I stand here loud and clear, declaring to you all that lists. don’t. have. to. be. boring! Still don’t believe me? Download this free printable!

I designed today’s printable to make To-Do lists more fun and interesting. I even made it in two colours: peach and blue. Hopefully this will get you motivated to be productive. Yes, it’s true that writing things down and crossing them off can be quite tedious, so here’s a solution to solve that! Basically, the aim of this list isn’t just to get organised…more importantly, it is to SAVE THE MAN!  Continue reading

Free Printable Easter Cards -Mr Rabbit and Chick

Free Printable Easter Cards! Rabbit and Chick Friends - Designed by Miss Caly

Hey friends,

Happy March!

I swear the year only just began, and now we’re already heading into the new season. It’s now officially Autumn, but this hot weather is making me very nostalgic over the good old Summer days…

Anyway, enough talk about the weather. Easter has come so soon this year, don’t you think? Although I’m not one to have massive celebrations over Easter, I always adore the vibrant festive mood in the air when it comes to the holiday. I love how the supermarket stores fill their shelves with chocolate eggs and how I seem to find more posters of rabbits than I can count. Holidays in general make me very happy, and I usually like to do things to really get into the spirit.

Today, I’ve designed three Easter cards for you to download and spread the joy to your loved ones! These cards feature two of the newest guys I put together on Photoshop: Mr Rabbit and Happy Chick. Continue reading