Printable August Calendar 2016!

Free Printable Hand Lettered August Calendar 2016! - Miss Caly

I know what you’re going to say… and I’m sorry!

To answer your question as to why I seemed to have disappeared from the face of the Earth for the past weeks, I’m going to throw you a couple of words: School. School Formal. Homework. Exams. Winter laziness. Procrastination. Sleep. No sleep. This is basically the epitome of my recent days, and in basic terms, the reason why I’ve had such a lack of inspiration and quality ideas to post… Continue reading


Printable Hand Lettered June Calendar 2016

Free Printable Hand Lettered June Calendar 2016! - Miss Caly

It’s almost halfway through the year and I’m feeling pumped to begin phase 2 of 2016. I feel like the first half of the year was mainly for getting into the swing of things, getting things together and trying new things. And now, the real business can finally begin. I hope we’re now all settled into 2016 by now and that this new half will bring lots more fun and exciting adventures!

As promised, here is your free printable June 2016 calendar. Save it, print it, treasure it. Here’s to making it through six months of this year! Continue reading

Free Printable: DIY ‘Polaroid’ Borders

Free printable DIY polaroid borders! - Miss Caly

I think the Camera is one of the most incredible things ever invented. I always love taking my camera out to beautiful places and instantly capturing moments on the go. Just knowing that that tiny little photo was taken right then and there makes me feel very satisfied! Continue reading

Christmas Printables: Reindeer Envelope and Card

Free Christmas Printables - Reindeer Envelope and Card!

Only one month and a few days to go until Christmas and time is just flying by so quickly! I’m really feeling the holiday spirit in today’s 43°C heat.

Today I have a special little treat in store for you and your friends. This cute mini Reindeer Envelope and Card is perfect for spreading the love this Christmas and also saves you time and effort from purchasing cards. Maybe it’s just me, but laziness has really shone out these days… Continue reading