5 Minute Life Hack: DIY Earring Organiser!

Life Hack! Organise your earrings in 5 minutes with this easy DIY! - Miss Caly

If you have your ears pieced, I’m betting you experience the same dramas as me every morning: I call it the ‘I can’t find my second pair’ struggle. As a lover of small and shiny things, I own quite a lot of earrings and it’s so hard to keep them organised, especially when they’re just…everywhere. Continue reading


How to Make a Phone Stand Using a Ring Box #LifeHackin5Mins

Life hack! Make a DIY phone stand in under 5 minutes using a ring box - Miss Caly

Ever wanted to watch a movie on your phone whilst doing boring homework? Well now you can! (Not that I recommend it…you get totally distracted!)

Today’s life hack was something I came up with by accident. I really wanted to watch some YouTube videos on my phone while I was waiting for my blog photos to load but I hated the thought of having my phone faced up on the table because I couldn’t really enjoy the video properly. In that moment, (conveniently) there happened to be a ring box on my table. I opened it and laid my phone on it. WOAH. *dramatic music* *crowd cheer* *bows* Continue reading

6 Easy DIY Planner Hacks!

6 easy DIY planner hacks you need to know! - Miss Caly

I may not be the most productiveΒ person in the world, but I sure do have a thing for planners. (If you haven’t already noticed from my abundance of ‘planning’ posts, I love to write and organise things!) Especially since it’s the beginning of the year, I’ve been super hard at work getting things together, scribbling to-do’s and dates into my little diary of mine. I also loooovee to customise everything I own because it makes them more personal to me. Basically, this post is a combination of all of the above.Β  Continue reading