My Favourite Art Essentials: Because It’s School Holidays!

My Favourite Art Supplies! - Miss Caly

The school holidays began last week and so comes the time to finally have a nice long break from those hours of sitting behind wooden desks, staring blankly at a white board. Yayyyyyy!….. yay…? Now half the holidays have passed and I’m still sitting behind my wooden desk, not doing anything grand. Seriously, where has the time gone?!

Well, I guess my time has gone into doing several things. First of all, I’ve been watching Masterchef and binge watching Game of Thrones (in which my only regret is not watching it sooner). Apart from that, I’ve also been making DIY phone cases (see these on my Instagram!), eating lots, doodling like crazy and occasionally stepping foot out into the vast terrains of my backyard to experience some vitamin D.  Continue reading


School Stationery Supplies Haul!


Hey friends,

I have to say that by far my most favourite part of venturing back into the school-life is hunting for books and grabbing a brand new supply of stationery. It’s just the feeling of change and freshness that makes me feel renewed and motivated for the upcoming academic year. Anyone else feel?

The other day I took what was meant to be a “quick trip” down to the shopping centre to buy some new exercise books… but the numerous bags I walked out with told a whole new story. I’m the kind of person who likes to be prepared for things, and boy do I feel prepared for school with all my new purchases!

Today I thought I might share with you a little HAUL of some of my new things. (I don’t have to be excited to go back to school, but at least I can get super hyped over new stationery!) Continue reading