5 Minute Life Hack: DIY Earring Organiser!

Life Hack! Organise your earrings in 5 minutes with this easy DIY! - Miss Caly

If you have your ears pieced, I’m betting you experience the same dramas as me every morning: I call it the ‘I can’t find my second pair’ struggle. As a lover of small and shiny things, I own quite a lot of earrings and it’s so hard to keep them organised, especially when they’re just…everywhere. Continue reading


Bracelet Stack Series! DIY Bracelet #3

DIY bracelet stack series! How to make bracelet No. 3.

Now for #3 of this week’s DIY bracelet stack! Remember, this bracelet is one of three designs that I’ve made. If you haven’t seen the first two, click here to see bracelet #1, click here for bracelet #2. 

Today’s bracelet is a simple beaded one, spiced up with a chain attached. I was inspired by some bracelets I found on Pinterest and thought I should do my own take on them. Enjoy!


Materials I used:

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Bracelet Stack Series! DIY Bracelet #2

DIY bracelet stack series! How to make bracelet No. 2.It’s time for the second bracelet of this week’s mini-series.

Today’s design is quite simple but I think it still looks great (after all, sometimes simple is best!) For those who have only just tuned in, this bracelet is one of three designs that I’m making. If you haven’t seen the first one, don’t forget to check it out here.

Here’s a little peeky of the bracelets in this series…


Anyway..there’s not much else to say, so let’s get bracelet-making!

Materials I used:

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Bracelet Stack Series! DIY Bracelet #1


Hey hey hey! I’m back once again and today I have yet another mini-series! (Another series??) Yes, another series.

I had so much fun making last week’s 3-post-in-a-row Halloween projects, I just had to do some more. Today I’m going to show you how to make a pretty little bracelet which is the first of the three bracelets of this stack. I had so many beads left over from my impulsive bead-spree earlier this year and thought I should make use of them. I chose the colours green, gold and pearl because I thought they would look adorable as a bracelet stack. Turns out they did!


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How to Make a Tassel Bracelet!

diy tassel bracelet

Lately I’ve been so overloaded with school work, assignments and exams. I have a Geography and English task due next week, a Math exam on Monday, a Science exam next Friday and on top of that, I’ve got to prepare for a Music performance on Wednesday. So what do I do? I decide to make tassel bracelets. Maybe I should work on my prioritising skills…

Anyway, today’s Fri-DIY is super fun and looks great. I must say, it was a worthwhile project to get a break from my hardcore studying. You only need a couple of materials to make a tassel bracelet, which you can easily pick up from your local craft store or dollar shop.

The thing I love about tassels is that you can use them on all kinds of things, such as book marks, charms, necklaces and key rings. Just because this is a bracelet tutorial, it doesn’t mean that you need to limit yourself in making a bracelet only!IMG_0729

Things you will need:

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