Printable Sept/Oct/Nov/Dec Calendar 2016 (Updated)


Yes, Miss Caly has not disappeared from the face of the earth! Ah yes, I’m very late on this one, but better late than never, right? It’s been a while since I last talked to you. In fact, around a month. Wow, time really has flown by.

So what have my recent months been consisting of? To start off, exams, homework and life in general. I’ve also been super busy organising my school formal, which is coming up very soon. Event planning is fun. But a lot more complicated than I thought… (although I did make some cute decorations and other fun DIYs which I’d love to show you real soon!) Yep, busy, busy, busy! As you know, amidst this chaos of things to do, I totally forgot to post my September Calendar printable. (Please forgive me!) To make up for it, today’s post consists of calendars for September, October, November AND December.

free-printable-hand-lettered-september-calendar-2016-miss-caly Continue reading


Printable Hand Lettered June Calendar 2016

Free Printable Hand Lettered June Calendar 2016! - Miss Caly

It’s almost halfway through the year and I’m feeling pumped to begin phase 2 of 2016. I feel like the first half of the year was mainly for getting into the swing of things, getting things together and trying new things. And now, the real business can finally begin. I hope we’re now all settled into 2016 by now and that this new half will bring lots more fun and exciting adventures!

As promised, here is your free printable June 2016 calendar. Save it, print it, treasure it. Here’s to making it through six months of this year! Continue reading

Valentines Day Printable: Treat Bag Toppers

Free Printable Valentines Treat Bag Topper - Miss Caly

Oh what do you know, it’s almost Valentines day already?

Lately my Pinterest feed has been packed with lots of lovey-dovey goodness – crafts and DIYs all leading up to this wonderful day. Today I thought I’d join in with all the fun and create a printable for you guys in case you’re looking for a quick (and very adorable) DIY gift this Valentines Day. Continue reading

Free Printable New Year’s Resolutions List – With Prompts!

Free printable 2016 new years resolutions with prompts - Miss Caly

Hello friends,

Well, this past week has been a mouth full! Christmas, Boxing Day and now it’s almost 2016? Yep, it’s that time of the year again.

I know I didn’t get to make any posts last Wednesday and Friday due to family celebrations (and well, I must admit, holiday laziness), but I’m back now and I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and a fantastic week! Whether you did celebrate or simply stayed in bed, just remember that it’s almost the end of a very fun/chaotic year, and to enjoy what’s left of it while you can. What better way to end the year than in joy and happiness, am I right?

4 days

is how long we have left to wrap up the year and prepare for another great one. The idea frightens me a little, but also excites me out of my mind. So, so, so many things are coming ahead, just waiting for me to try, see and do. They’re all waiting for you too.  Continue reading