Free Minimal Phone Wallpaper: “Put the Phone Down!”

free downloadale minimal wallpaper - 'put the phone down!' By Miss Caly

I have a confession:

I use my phone wayyyy too much. 

One minute I’m checking the whether, the next, my finger mindlessly finds the Instagram app…and then Pinterest, then my emails and then Twitter…And I forget what I’m supposed to be doing in the first place. It it just me, or does anyone else have absolutely no reason to be using their phones most of the time, an yet it manages to turn up everywhere they go?

I’m not going to lie, I love using my phone. I love connecting with you guys and I love being inspired by all the creative wonders that the internet brings. But I just think sometimes I could be spending my time doing better things… more productive things.

Today I made myself a wallpaper. It goes like this: “put the phone down”. While the act sounds really simple, it seems that my hand is so used to constantly reaching for my phone that I don’t even realise I do it.

And so, I want to set the both of us a challenge, me and you. For the rest of today, and perhaps even the rest of the week, I dare you to make this your wallpaper and use it as a reminder to not touch your phone (at all!). Do something fun, something real. Let’s really experience the world through our eyes and our senses like we’re supposed to – not just through a screen.

Tap to save the image below to join me!

free minimal phone wallpaper - 'put the phone down!' By Miss Caly


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