My Favourite Art Essentials: Because It’s School Holidays!

My Favourite Art Supplies! - Miss Caly

The school holidays began last week and so comes the time to finally have a nice long break from those hours of sitting behind wooden desks, staring blankly at a white board. Yayyyyyy!….. yay…? Now half the holidays have passed and I’m still sitting behind my wooden desk, not doing anything grand. Seriously, where has the time gone?!

Well, I guess my time has gone into doing several things. First of all, I’ve been watching Masterchef and binge watching Game of Thrones (in which my only regret is not watching it sooner). Apart from that, I’ve also been making DIY phone cases (see these on my Instagram!), eating lots, doodling like crazy and occasionally stepping foot out into the vast terrains of my backyard to experience some vitamin D.  Continue reading


It’s a Good Week… #MondayMotivation

Yet another Monday has come and here you are staring at a screen, reading this post. Let me guess – you’re procrastinating right now. Either that, or you’re mindlessly surfing the web again because you don’t know what else to do with your life. I don’t blame you – in fact, I’m guilty of both of those things right at this very moment.

What am I doing with my life?

Ah, the question no one’s ever been able to answer. As a sixteen year old girl going to school and all, there’s always been so many things I’ve wanted to try, so many dreams I aspire to reach, so many goals, so many things to do! And yet here I am in my bedroom, basically doing nothing at all. Anyone relate? No? Yes? Well I have a challenge for you!

It’s a new day, a new week and a very new chance to start something new. I dare you to TAKE IT. I also dare you to share this with a friend and motivate them to do the same. Spread the motivation guys!

I came across a quote on Pinterest and thought I’d try my own take on it using a brush and ink. Here it is. Live it, breath it. IT’S A GOOD WEEK TO HAVE A GREAT WEEK.

It's a very good week to have a great week! Here's a little inspiration to kick start your Monday... Continue reading

EASY DIY Nail-Art Dotting Tool Using a Pen and Bobby Pin

Make a nail dotting tool out of a pen and bobby pin! - Miss Caly

This month, I’m trying something new!

Lately I’ve been getting into body art. I love how you can turn anything into something else by a simple flick of a brush and some paint. I was recently on a Pinterest rampage and was so inspired by the intricacy of eyeshadow art (where artists created beautiful masterpieces using eyelids as canvases) and also nail art, where such fine detail could be painted on ten fingertips. One day I want to be able to do just that. Ah, such goals!

You can probably tell my excitement to share with you today’s DIY. Continue reading

7 Days of Lists Challenge: Day 4

Take this fun 7 day challenge to write lists, lists and lists! Day 4 - Miss Caly

Aaand we’re up to day 4 for this week’s 7-Days-of-Lists!

For those of you who’ve been keeping up, I hope you’re enjoying this challenge. Thanks for tuning in, it’s been fun so far!

Let’s get right into day 4’s prompt, shall we? Continue reading

My First Prismacolor Drawing! Creativity Takes Practise…


Something very, very exciting happened last month that I never got to share with you. I was so ecstatic when it happened – it was like Christmas came early… Can you guess?


My Prismacolor pencils arrived in the mail!


Okay, I know, I know, it’s not all that grand, but I truly was over the moon. In case you don’t know, Prismacolors can be considered as one of those high(er)-end kind of pencils and although they’re quite pricey, they’re said to be one of the best quality you can get. Maybe not the best, but boy are they so satisfying to own.  Continue reading

Inside my Sketchbook!


Inside my Sketchbook - Miss Caly

My mini sketchbook is something I like to keep with me wherever I go. It’s particularly perfect for those boring car rides or simply  just for doodling whenever I feel like it. I got my sketchbook back when I went to Japan and ever since, it’s become my best friend. #sketchbooklove!


You may have already had a peek at my sketches on Instagram, but today I thought I might share little tour with you of what I’ve done so far. I love drawing in pen because it’s so free and unrestricted. Sometimes I use my sketchbook for practising drawing techniques or following tutorials on how to draw certain things. Other times, I simply love to create random patterns until they form something weird and wonderful. Continue reading